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We provide services in designing, manufacturing, constructing, commissioning, and operating all kinds of technological approaches that will ensure the increase of water supplied from various sources such as rivers, dams, lakes, wells and seas up to the quality criteria suitable for the intended use.
The following are some of the technologies we are using in this scope
  • Pre-Aeration and Oxidation Systems.
  • Sedimentation and Floatation(DAF) Systems
  • Pressurised and Gravity Type Sand and Multimedia (MM) Filters.
  • Micro (MF) ve Ultra (UF) Membrane Filtration Systems.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Demineralization Systems.
  • Water Softening with LIME-SODA and ION EXCHANGE processes.
  • Active Carbon (AC) , Zeolite and other Adsorption Filters.
  • Ion Exchange Demineralization Systems.
  • Ultrapure (EDI, CEDI, MIXED BED) Water Treatment Systems.
  • Disinfection (UV, Chlorine, Ozone and others) Systems.